Providing our defense and aerospace industry with the highest quality MS90561 connector grips in the world.

Amtec Corporation is the first QPL certified manufacturer of MS90561 connector grips. As a newly approved QPL22992 source, Amtec Corporation is rapidly becoming a major contributor to our defense and aerospace industry. The complete line of MS90561 cable strain relief grips are DFARS compliant and JAN marked (Joint Army/Navy). These certified MIL-STD-790 connector grips also meet QC System MIL-I-45208(A) and makes them the highest quality wire mesh grips in the world.
  • Government Approved QPL 22992
  • DFARS Compliant Material
  • Certified MIL-STD-790
  • JAN Marking
  • QC System MIL-I-45280(A)