AMTEC support grips
  • Designed to hold the weight for electrical cable as it hangs in vertical, sloping or horizontal positions.
  • Easily installed and removed using no special skills or tools.
  • Permits cable to expand and contract without loss of holding action.
  • Instantly relocated or repositioned which saves time and labor.
  • Conforms to shape of cable or object being supported.
  • Used on any application such as supporting cable, metal rods, hose and tubing. Specific applications include buildings, poles, excavations, mine shafts, towers, elevators, potheads, terminators or other structures.
  • Amtec support grips are made of stranded tinned bronze wire. Stainless steel, medium lengths and/or specials please consult factory.
  • Available Grip Types
    Single Eye-Closed Mesh
    Single Eye, Lace Closing
    Single Eye, Rod Closing
    Double Eye, Closed Mesh
    Double Eye, Lace Closing
    Double Eye, Rod Closing
    Offset Eye, Closed Mesh
    Offset Eye, Lace Closing
    Offset Eye, Rod Closing
    Universal Bail, Closed Mesh
    Universal Bail, Lace Closing
    Universal Bail, Rod Closing
    Hook Eye, Closed Mesh
    Hook Eye, Lace Closing
    Hook Eye, Rod Closing
    Single Eye, Double Weave
    Double Eye, Double Weave